Facebook Return On Ad Spend in just 30 days due to new Top of the Funnel audiences.

1 %

Increase in Click Through Rate as a result of new Top of the Funnel audiences.

1 %

Increase in Average Order Value during the Jan – June 2021 period.

The Challenge

Proline Skates is a family-owned and operated eCommerce business founded in 1988 that provides top-line skating equipment for children and adults. Because customer service, transparency, and affordability are at the centre of their services, it was important for Proline Skates to work with an agency that understood these values.

Proline Skates’ central acquisition of new customers had previously been through Google Search and Google Shopping campaigns.

The brand joined The Good Marketer to see the potential impact that broadening into Facebook advertising would bring. Since then, their goals are to expand their audiences to new potential customers to generate more leads and ultimately more conversions.

The initial challenges we identified were;


Since working closely with Proline Skates, we have successfully implemented new, broader Facebook campaigns that maximised the opportunities we identified at the outset of our partnership. This included targeting new cold audiences interested in Sports/Fitness and Outdoor activities, alongside Engagement campaigns that actively targeted people engaged with the Facebook Page and Instagram Page.

After seeing significant success from this campaign, the client was keen to explore Facebook Advertising in more detail. We had previously created Lookalike campaigns to target those who were similar to previous customers and implemented Dynamic Remarketing Ads to recapture customers who were visiting the website but not purchasing. These ads are designed to show users the products they may have looked at on the website, which, when combined with a remarketing discount such as 10% off, drives purchases and recaptures lost customers.

Doing so dramatically improved the Facebook ROAS for Proline Skates, which had been on average 6.88 since we began our partnership.

However, as a result of IOS14 changes, we saw a drop in both the engagement of the Middle of the Funnel campaigns and our previously high-performing Top of the Funnel campaigns targeting relevant Interest-based audiences. To combat this, we set up a new strategy that maximised the learning’s we’d been able to gather during our successful time, broadening the reach, visibility and efficiency of Proline Skates’ Facebook marketing.

We saw fewer Impressions and conversions, mainly due to COVID-19 and general audience saturation, considering that our targeting had relied heavily on a singular prospecting audience targeting parents to fuel the funnel. This had steadily declining performance, which we identified as needing an immediate countermeasure to re-balance ROAS.

So, we introduced interest-based campaigns that would target Top of the Funnel audiences, such as people with relevant interests, like ‘Outdoor Enthusiasts’, product-specific interests and Lookalike audiences based on those who were highly engaged and converting. We tailored specific messaging to each audience to ensure that our ads were as relevant as possible.

Doing so has resulted in a significant increase to ROAS, which rose to 3.05 in just 30 days after implementing these new Top of the Funnel audiences – this is based on a 7-day click attribution window. We also have seen a 73% rise in Click Through Rate to an overall average of 3.06%, which we have consistently built upon to ensure our campaigns deliver maximum impact to the right audience to maintain this positive upward trajectory.

The Results

In the last 6 months between January – June 2021, working with Proline Skates, we have:

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